European Mix of Chocolates, it's My Chocolate

        European Mix of Chocolates, it's My Chocolate - Chocolates are produced all over the world and consumed as well. There are people who would in fact like to survive merely on chocolates. Chocolate has made its place in everyone’s taste buds, which no one is willing to let go. Chocolate is a favorite in all age group. This fact about chocolate need not even be mentioned. Chocolates can e devoured or gifted. When deciding on chocolates for gifts, one must decide what kind of chocolate is liked by their loved ones. Chocolates can be of either Dark Chocolate (also known as plain chocolate), Unsweetened chocolate, Milk Chocolate etc. Out of all these companies, there will other flavor brands which would want to add things to the existing chocolate flavors. Many flavors like vanilla, mint, coffee, and caramel are added to the chocolate to add a separate taste. Rice crispies, fruits, nuts are also used in chocolates.

      The weakness of every person remains chocolates. Gifting a fine range of chocolates to your loved ones would really make them happy and bring you closer and happier. When one is focusing on giving someone a chocolate, apart from knowing the type of the chocolate the loved one prefers, one must also choose from so many chocolate items one can give as a gift. Chocolate can be purchased as Chocolate Blocks, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Discs, Chocolate Sticks, chocolate Syrups, Milk Chocolates, Organic Chocolates, Fountain chocolates, Gianduja chocolates. Well, these are just few from many available. There are several more brands offering delicious and finger licking chocolate.

       Hachez chocolate company is one of the companies in German who is leading the chocolate market here. Being established by a man called Joseph Emile Hachez, who was originally a chocolatier belong to Belgian. Almost a century must have passed by but today, the same taste, the same aroma and a good service keeps the company in the lead. The Hachez company had been always used the best quality products alone, therefore, in the process of creation of the Hachez chocolates, only the best of ingredients go into this delightful piece of snack. Cocoa from Ecuador, and Venezuela, form the best chocolates German has produced.

       Coming to think of Italy, chocolates in Italy are no less. May be you would have wondered, well Italy has only Pizza (which used to be until recently), it is only on experiencing that one would know it is otherwise.

       Pernigotti has an Italian manufacturer of chocolates. When it has made its mark internationally as a standard, it is difficult not to be popular amongst the young kids as well as adults. When it comes to chocolate, every one of them becomes a tiny molten piece of butter in a frying pan. Pernigotti chocolates are one of Italy’s finest productions’.

Africa Is A Paradise For Adventure Lovers

      Africa Is A Paradise For Adventure Lovers - Some of the most amazing vacation in adventure tours Africa includes view of various wildlife in the wild in there natural habituate. Some give you the opportunity to visit and photograph the amazing animals in their natural habitat itself. Where else on earth can see a lion kill, or see the giraffes, as their way gracefully through the landscape, nibbling the odd tree as they go.

      African safari trips do not end in the wildlife. Did you know that South Africa is home to some of the most famous wine region that exists? The outstanding wine routes are another type of journey that you can choose to take during your visit to this wonderful country of contrasts. You can taste different wines and comparing notes on what you like best is an adventure in itself for many people. If wine tasting is your thing, then a tour of South African wines will impress.

     You can also go for luxury African safari tour also. You can spend days or even weeks at a luxury safari and tour the luxury and safari parks that will definitely blow your mind completely and you wish you never had to go home! What do you have in mind for your honeymoon? It makes historic trip to the area, or the sound of the museum as a little less than what you would like to make your honeymoon getaway? Have you thought of all of your options, well one of the most exclusive and popular ways to spend a honeymoon getaway in a luxury safari in Africa. Live the adventure that Africa offers, interact with people and breathe in the mystique of Africa. See wildlife up close sometimes almost close enough to touch. Is not that your honeymoon is supposed to be something unusual?

     An adventure tours Africa you can take on anything from wildlife to a life of luxury, wineries and restaurants, depending on the type of travel you book for your holiday. No matter what type of route you take, you can be absolutely sure that will touch your soul in a way that nothing else has. The magic and mystique of Africa is something to remember for a lifetime.

      If you are looking for an interesting way to spend your vacation, an exotic safari tours Africa is the only answer for you. For there is much to see and do for all ages, and is now easier than ever to book a trip.

      If you trust it or not, there is more of an African safari as you see in the pictures or on television. For example, on a safari in Kenya enjoy the breathtaking scenery highlighted with mountain backdrops, sparkling lakes, plains, mountains, fog, beautiful rivers, and abundant wildlife. Visit Kenya in the month of July or August witness an amazing phenomenon - the annual caravan of wildebeest. This is a time when millions of wildebeest make their way north in search of green grass.

Extreme Culinary Satay snakes Cobras

Extreme Culinary
          Extreme Culinary Satay snakes Cobras - Do you like extreme cuisine? If you like the meal you can try with this one extreme cuisine "Satay snakes Cobras". Sate based this reptile was quite interested by some people.

          Extreme Culinary is often found in Indonesia, one in the region Mangga Besar, West Jakarta, Indonesia. This area is a lot of tent stalls that provide extreme cuisine.

         Presented cuisine restaurant is snake meat, snake bile and snake blood. If you like, snake meat skewers can be used as a trigger passion of the men.

         Snakes will be cooked there are many kinds, ranging from wooden snakes, striped snakes, and cobras. The snakes are said to have many benefits. Usefulness can cure rheumatism, skin treating pain, trigger arousal and increase stamina.

Satay CobraWeird Foods

        Snake meat is often processed into kebabs. This snake meat sold a package with his blood. But if you want to taste the blood of a serpent or snake meat alone can too. Snake meat is no different with meat in general, but the texture is a little harder than usual meat. Satay snakes are also eaten with peanut sauce or seasoning mix soy sauce, depending on taste.

       If you're on vacation or any other affairs in Jakarta, you can stop by to taste the typical dishes that became a favorite with the lovers of extreme culinary Indonesia.

10 Fast-Food Restaurant's Most Popular

       10 Fast-Food Restaurant's Most Popular - Fast food restaurants are the main options menu to search for a quick breakfast. The flurry of work makes us unable to enjoy a breakfast menu from the home. Eating with family is fun, along with enjoying cooking dead mother or wife is suatau own pleasure.

      Every day enjoy the same menu bore us to eat at home. Fast food restaurants became the main place to try different menus of different cuisines. There are many fast food restaurant options are already famous in the world.

1. Subway, Submarine sandwiches & salads

     Since its opening in 1965, Subway has grown from a small sandwich shop into a fast-food restaurant in the world's largest sandwich. With more than 28,000 restaurants in 86 countries, Subway continues to grow with image freshness, healthy alternative among fast-food restaurant which is actually a junk food. Subway has always been the biggest for 15 times on Entrepreneur's Top 10 show which began airing since 1988.

2. Dunkin 'Donuts, Coffee, donuts, baked goods

     Dunkin 'Donuts is one of the largest network of fast-food restaurant in the world. In addition to selling 52 types of donuts and more than a dozen coffee drinks, Dunkin also presents an array of bagels, sandwiches and other baked goods. With more than 5,000 franchises in the U.S., Dunkin 'Donuts has maintained a Top 10 ranking since 2004.

3. Pizza Hut, Pizza

      In 1958, brothers Frank and Dan Carney borrowed $ 600 from their mother to open a small pizza shop in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas. Fifty years later, the network's first pizza in America is growing very rapidly. Pizza Pizza Hut specials can be found in franchises worldwide, and this restaurant continues to be the top destination for pizza lovers.

4. McDonald's, Hamburgers, chicken, salads

      This popular restaurant has been ranked the top 10 27 times in 29 years. The owner, Ray Kroc opened his first restaurant in 1955 and earn income on the first day open around $ 366.12. More than 50 years later, McDonald's earned more than $ 23 billion within a year.

5. Sonic Drive-In Restaurant, Drive-in restaurant

        Since its opening in 1953 until the present time, the restaurant drive-in is still consistent with the concept. Initially started with presenting a hamburger and root beer, Sonic now offers wraps, smoothies and classic traditional American menu. With the 3350 drive-ins from coast to coast, the average unit sales of more than $ 1 million per year.

6. KFC Corp., Chicken

        Harland Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant in a Kentucky gas station during the depression. Nearly 80 years later, the original recipe is still used in more than 11,000 restaurants worldwide.

7. Domino's Pizza LLC, Pizza, breadsticks, buffalo wings

       Beginning in 1960 with capital of $ 500, this giant pizza restaurant network to collect revenue of $ 5.1 billion in 2006 and they claim to have presented more than 400 million pizzas. It's been nine Domino's Pizza last time in the Top 10.

8. Arby's, Sandwiches, chicken, salads

        When Arby's opened in 1964, customers enjoyed roast beef sandwiches, potato chips and iced tea the size of Texas. Today, Arby's continued to survive from its traditional fast food menu by offering a new menu like the same slow-roasted and freshly sliced ​​roast beef sandwiches, deli-style sandwiches, wraps and salads.

9. Baskin-Robbins USA Co., Ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen beverages

     Since 1945, Baskin-Robbins has introduced a sense of more than 1,000 ice cream flavors. With more than 5,800 retail stores in 34 countries, Baskin-Robbins is the world's largest network for the ice cream shop.

10. Taco Bell Corp., Quick-service Mexican restaurant

       This restaurant is the restaurant's largest network for Mexican-style fast food, by selling more than 2 billion tacos and 1 billion burritos each year. Taco Bell has more than 5,800 franchise and reach $ 4.4 billion in sales each year.

        Do not be lazy to eat because the food menu is always the same reason, because there are many fast food restaurant choices that we must try various menu cooking. Breakfast menu is a mainstay for the managers of fast-food restaurant, because every morning, many people are choosing breakfast at fast food restaurants to save them time.

Fruit from Africa That Can Change the Taste

        Fruit from Africa That Can Change the Taste - Culinary added more fun if we found something strange, strange food and a rare us to get. Culinary Travel time is not talking about food, cooking or travel, but a fruit that comes from the African continent.

        Miracle Berry is the name of this fruit, called the miracle berry because of his peculiarities that could change the taste bitter and sour to sweet. The fruit is very popular among the researchers or scientists of the world because of his peculiarities that do not exist in other fruit. But unfortunately only exists in Africa, no country other country.

       Eating the fruit of 'miracle berry' before eating a lemon can make the turn into a sour taste sweet. Miracle fruit from Africa this does have the ability to turn bitter and sour foods to sweet.

       Researchers in Japan and France found that the fruit is called scientific richardella dulfica compound contains a type of protein called mirakulin. This protein attaches to the sensor and the sweet taste on the tongue for a while influencing the process of identifying taste sour and bitter. Meanwhile, miracle fruit is actually bland, no flavor at all.

        "It's interesting to observe how the scientific process while blocking the sensor mirakulin sour taste," said Keiko Abe, a professor of biology, applied chemistry at the University of Tokyo.

        He added that the effect of fruit is the result of minimizing pH changes that occur when consuming food. Instead, the tongue is coated miracle berry juice will activate the sensor and inhibit sweet taste bitter and sour taste.

       As reported by IBTimes on Saturday (12.11.2011), miracle fruit is widely used in Japanese restaurants. Currently emerging speculation about the possible use of this fruit to support a healthy lifestyle with bitter and sour foods, which generally have high nutrient.

      Bitter and sour flavors are very few people who liked it, because it is less suitable with our tongue sensors. Most people like the taste of sweet, but with the discovery of Miracle Berry fruit may be a solution to bitter and sour taste like that might have the nutrients that are higher than the sweetness.

     Of course there are many strange things in this world that we do not know, at other times Culinary Tourism will publish information that is more enjoyable to read.

Choosing the Right Place for Honeymoon

         Choosing the Right Place for Honeymoon - The honeymoon is a dream for all human beings hold a reception after the wedding. Marriage is a very spiritual event and many rituals are complicated and troublesome.

          All countries of course have its own way to the wedding. Probably not many foods that we like we should eat because of cultural rules. But there is also married to a simple way. Although different way, it is necessary for you and your partner to enjoy a quiet and beautiful place to celebrate your love that has united. Of course you should feel well in the area of culinary cuisine.

         Besides going for a honeymoon you'll want to continue with culinary tourism. Because taste is different cuisines in one place and the food menu is also definitely a lot different.

Some places for a wonderful honeymoon according to our reference.

  • Bali, Indonesia
Nusa Dua, Bali
       When we used to watch the sunset at Kuta, Nusa Dua at sunrise we could hunt. lush with luxury hotels directly on the coastline, this place is good for honeymoon (especially relatively quiet compared to Kuta). Because many luxury hotels, eventually this place looks after its elite..

         Nusa Dua is located at the southern tip of Bali facing east, 10 km/20 minutes from the airport. All around the coast, the contours of the road rises and falls with limestone everywhere. community around a lot of work as a seaweed farmer. FYI, according to Central Bureau of Statistics as written by a source, Indonesia is one of the countries producing and exporting seaweed is quite important in Asia, and 2.5% seaweed production in Indonesia comes from the cultivation of Eucheuma spinosum in Bali.

Ubud, Bali
        The nickname 'Heaven for Spa Lovers' right won the famous village of culture, cuisine and kealamiannya this uniqueness. The new partner will find rest for body and soul with the sight of the green mountains and beautiful terraced rice fields.
The village is also believed to provide inspiration and tranquility million. This place really feels right for all people who crave peacefulness and tranquility. That is, very fitting for a new partner who wants to be alone.

  • Santorini, Greece
        The beauty of the Aegean Sea making it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. Let the romance blossom romance by spending time enjoying the beauty of the beaches are stunning. At sunset, feel the perfection of nature. While enjoying the natural beauty of Santorini, you and your partner should try ethnic foods of Greece and explore the distinctive taste of Greek cuisine.

  • Kruger National Park, South Africa

        With a partner, you will enjoy the wild wilderness of Africa in the Kruger National Park. This is home to buffalo, black rhino, elephants, leopards and king of the jungle, the lion. The true essence of the wild can you experience here. To complete wilderness experience, you can stay in lodges around the park.

  • Aspen, Colorado, United States
         If you and your partner strange adventure enthusiasts, you should visit Aspen in Colorado. Aspen that sits on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains is the best ski resorts in the world. There are restaurants that offer a romantic dinner. Having exhausted all day skiing, you can relax while enjoying a romantic dinner with her lover.

  • Queenstown, New Zealand
         Queenstown is a good warm honeymoon in the winter and summer. In winter, Queenstown offers ski fields. While during the summer, available water rafting and hiking. Is that all? Beautiful mountain scenery, vineyards, and a nice spa facilities are also ready to captivate.

  • Rome, Italy
         Rome is a favorite destination for lovers, including those that want to enjoy a honeymoon. Stories of love through the sculptures of high artistic, delicious aroma of wine, and tastes superb Italian cuisine presented. The beauty of Rome can hypnotize you and your lover.

  • Koh Samui, Thailand

          Koh Samui offers a rich diversity of nature. With fine white sand beaches, green forests and a refreshing eye, you can enjoy. This place is a favorite location for couples who want to spend a wonderful honeymoon in an exotic island. You can forget yourself when under the sea with snorkeling facilities in Koh Samui.

  • Bangkok, Thailand
          Bangkok is known by the nickname City of Angles. So, for you and your partner love each other deeply, Bangkok becomes a good choice as a honeymoon destination. You will be amazed by the graceful traditional dances of Thailand and the magnificent temple of Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Keow).

  • Paris, France
          Paris is the main place to stay for the lovers. When in Paris, you must capture the sweetness of a honeymoon moments in front of the Eiffel Tower. You can sit back together on one sidewalk cafe and watch the sunset moments. Beautiful moments more so as you enjoy a cup of hot coffee and try a popular French baguette.
  • Mauritius, India
          Mauritius is a delight to the newlyweds in India. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, this island offers the sensation of a calm blue ocean view senses. Here, you will see a fusion of different cultures. Mauritius is relaxed and calm can be used as a reference for you and your partner who tried to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into a stunning lap of nature.
  • Geneva, Switzerland
            When I heard the word Switzerland, you will get an overview of nature with a perfect stretch. That's what Geneva has to offer as a gift for newly married lovers. Lemon Beauty lakes and snow covered mountains peaks in Geneva, makes you feel like stopping for a longer time to enjoy both.

       Make your Honeymoon be the most exciting day in your life. Marriage is only once in life, it is a lot of dreams for everyone.
        So, keep your marriage for the sake of your future and your descendants. Happiness is always there in a harmonious family. Happiness is the most precious treasure than gold, diamonds and money.
       Invite your family to travel occasionally, so that your family is always close. Family and make a friend or a place to vent in order to always maintain good communication links within the family.
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Culinary Fun During the Summer in Australia

         Culinary Fun During the Summer in Australia - Food and culture are a major factor as an attraction for tourists to visit. Summer vacation is more fun if every country has its own tradition or culture, so as to attract the attention of the tourists to come visit.

      The summer festival is not just surfing, but also food festival. In Australia have an annual tradition every summer, bamyak tourists who come to attend a food festival called Tasmania's Taste Festival. Just as is done by the Singapore state, every year in July, this country has always held a Singapore Food Festival.

          Every summer, when the new year, hundreds of thousands of tourists are in Hobart for eight days and seven nights enjoying the variety of dishes, drinks and entertainment. City pier, marina and the river Derwent into the arena for disemarakkan by more than 70 food and beverage outlets, as well as art exhibitions and stage performances.

       In a party that pamper the senses, the natural result of Tasmania is the main event. Pamper yourself by enjoying the fresh Tasmanian seafood, like salmon, oysters, scallops, blue fin tuna and jumbo crab. Taste Bruny Island cheese and berries from Bicheno. Enjoy local champagne, wines from cool climates, barley whiskey is distilled with peat soil, and beer made in small factories. Enjoy a pastry containing vegetable or organic lamb and beef dishes are made to drink cow milk. Buy stock jams, pickles and pickle newly created. Try the dessert of apple and cherry products of local plantations. The festival also features an international flavor - from Persia to India to Spain - everything is cooked with fresh ingredients from Tasmania.

       A wide assortment of festive events that come graced this food paradise. Learn the origins of the food you eat through a special film show and browse artworks and installations in a series of containers of goods named 'Contained Taste'. Get the secrets of Tasmania's senior chefs in cooking workshop or tour culinary exploring all corners of Hobart. Enjoy a variety of performances, ranging from the bizarre street theater that department until a daring aerial acrobatics, and street artists pretending to play guitar. Four indoor and outdoor performances featuring musicians, singers and comedians, in which the previous festivals featuring Australian music veteran Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach.

      Most of the events held at Princes Wharf pier and surrounding area, with sailing ships, sea air and road historic sandstone become an integral part of the excitement of the festival. Dine alfresco on the beach, watching the cruise ships docked to a pier, or admire the yacht that sailed across the finish line in a sailboat race Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race. Sailboat race Heemskirk Melbourne to Hobart and the Clive Peeters Launceston to Hobart is also held at the same time, an increasingly graced the festivities on the beach.

        Mingle among the crew sailboats skinned tanned and cheery locals celebrate New Year's Eve party in this festival. There is a comfortable place to watch the fireworks in the sky Sullivans Cove and the dynamic rhythm of the music that brought a number of bands and DJs. Relax with a glass of soft drinks by the beach Tasmania or dance the night away at the open stage.

Do not miss to enjoy the Tasmania's Taste Festival - culinary feast and fun summer.

       Prepare in advance the items that you will take it to go on vacation, find a comfortable hotel to your resting place, so the next day you can perform activities more comfortably. Choose a safe and comfortable transportation to arrive at the destination.
        Good preparation will get satisfactory results. Do not rush in choosing or making a decision, think with a healthy mind and a sense of calm.

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